Services offered

Vectorscope Ltd offer wide range of services to broadcast, professional video, audio and postproduction industry:

Cross conversions and transcoding between professional and end user digital file formats, containers and codecs including Prores, DNxHD, XDCam HD, AVC Intra, h264, h265/HEVC in all colorimetries and resolutions.
Transfers from professional tape formats to digital files, mastering to tape, conversions between tape standards etc
Broadcast quality frame rate and standard conversions (Film/PAL/NTSC) in SD and HD, including custom specialist solutions without speeding up/slowing down of content or audio pitch corrections.
Professional grade aspect ratio conversions, upscaling and downscaling of content, deinterlacing and IVTC
Subtitle and close caption format conversions, overlays and embedding
Human and automated video and audio quality control including format and colorimetry compliance as well as broadcast safety to UK and EBU standards.
Flash and pattern analysis with Harding certification to ensure broadcast compatibility in countries with strict regulations regarding photosensitive epilepsy
High precision audio solutions to meet EBU R128 standard of -23 LUFS without generation loss, recompressing or structurally affecting video stream within the file.
Preparation for digital submissions to broadcast specifications or digital services incl iTunes, including re-packaging, re-slating and format compliance checks.
Re-editing, re-cutting, re-slating etc of video and audio content

We accept most types of professional tape media and digital video and audio file formats as input. We can work with physical disk deliveries (windows and apple), arrange collections, accept feeds, online submissions and digital deliveries. We offer in-house transfers to most types of tape media including HDCAM SR, HDCAM, Digital Betacam or Betacam SP in both PAL and NTSC, and can create and supply digital files in majority of modern codec and container formats. We can submit final product though majority of common online delivery systems as well as set up bespoke point to point transit scenarios or private or public streaming/downloads via cloud of dedicated, localised servers around the world.

We can also arrange vast array of customised processing and storage options per customer request including tailored progress notifications, special metadata, semaphoring or instructions on delivery, timed triggering and releases with various level of content sensitivity or access limitations based on geo location. We can provide redundancy storage for physical media, online and offline backups of master files and duplications with split target deliveries, where unmodified original content is returned back to sender and physical media or file encodes/copies are supplied to several clients or TV stations in different formats on behalf of the customer.

One-off orders are equally welcome to bulk contracts and long term projects. For larger projects we can offer samples before the final commitment.